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About KeyRight and the
Look & Learn Typing Solution
KeyRight USA
2594 Leghorn Street
Mountain View CA, 94043
No typist left behind

KeyRight's mission is to ensure that any typist who feels held back by conventional methods or incorrect technique will beneift from using the Look & Learn Typing Solution; a patented and unique method of teaching safe and practical keyboard proficiency.

KeyRight aims to be the world leader in Computer Learning Systems. Through innovation, we will create user focussed products to improve and empower technology users.

Based in Mountain View, California, KeyRight supplies the Look & Learn Typing Solution direct to its customers: government departments, companies, individuals and educators.

Jerome Whitcroft

KeyRight’s Look & Learn™ story

The typing problem
In the middle ages of home computer use one man—Jerome—sat before a freshly unwrapped PC and began the great American novel. However, as his mind raced with the possibilities of the task ahead and he reached for the keyboard to commit his thoughts to text, his hands curled into fists. As his fingers struck the keys, they made the sound of the two fingered typist at work; clack, clack, clack. The hunt-and-peck syndrome had claimed another victim.

Recognizing that his instinctive approach to hunting for the correct letters to form the words in his head was slowing his rush of ideas to a trickle, Jerome took to writing by hand and painfully transcribing his work into digital form. This could not go on… He must learn to touch type.

Suffering through traditional typing tutor drills resulted in frustration and wasted time and money. Unfortunately this is how most people begin their computer experience—it is a slow and painful process.

A better way
keyright Calling on a background in psychology, Jerome undertook extensive research into the use of technology, and how color aids the cognitive process.

Sitting before his PC an idea began to form, “If only I could see which keys each finger is supposed to use.”

Being armed with a paintbrush, model paint tins and butter knife (for removing the keys) Jerome set out to do just that, and the Look & Learn™ Typing Solution was born. The system was tested in university trials, studied comprehensively and refined to its most effective form. The Look & Learn™ Typing Tutor was then developed to complement the benefits of the color coded keyboard.

With the newly color coded keyboard before him, his inner typing skills flourished, and Eureka! A touch typist was born.

These days KeyRight’s Look & Learn™ Typing Solution is a patented and successful learning tool adopted by schools, corporations, government departments and individuals throughout the world. And, of course, Jerome is an excellent touch typist.

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