Look & Learn Keyboard
Learn to type the correct way.
You can type like a pro in just hours!

Color-coded keys:
Make it quick and easy for you to learn to type
Improve your typing speed and accuracy
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Research and development behind the
KeyRight Look & Learn Typing Solution
University trials showed that the Look & Learn Typing Solution is up to 192% more effective for learning to touch type than a regular keyboard.

Some Important Facts:

By color coding the keyboard you quickly learn which fingers use the appropriate letter, number and symbol keys. For example, the left-hand pinky finger uses all the red keys, the left-hand ring finger uses all the orange keys, and so on through to the right-hand pinky which uses the pink keys.

Just plug it in and use it continuously—it’s so simple…It HAS to work!!

Read our white paper, “color coding the computer keyboard”, to learn more about the research behind KeyRight’s Look & Learn™ Typing Solution and why color coding the QWERTY keyboard is the simplest and easiest way to learn to touch type!

View more information about this patented technology

PDF of the Patent
PDF of the Whitepaper

Learn to touch type—it has never been so easy
With our unique combination of hardware and software we deliver the tools you need to learn touch typing and improve your keyboard skills.

The Look & Learn™ Typing Solution is the only product on the market which guarantees that you will touch type in six hours.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3
Step 1: Place your pointer fingers on the ”F” and “J” keys (there are ridges on those keys).
Step 2: Begin typing by moving your fingers up and down the color coded columns.
Step 3: Enjoy the free KeyRight Tutor interactive learning program.

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