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Frequently asked questions about KeyRight's
Look & Learn Typing Solution
  1. Is the Look & Learn™ Typing Solution based on the Qwerty 101 keyboard?

    Yes. “QWERTY” comes from the first six keys of the top letter row. The color coded keyboard simply subdivides the QWERTY layout into manageable color per finger zones so you know the  appropriate finger for all the letter, number and symbol keys. It’s that simple.
  2. Does the KeyRight Tutor method use the Home Keys Technique?

    No! The KeyRight Tutor software bypasses the Home Keys method by encouraging the Direct Reach Method aimed at the Key-Finger Groups. The Home Keys Technique requires keeping at least one finger of the left hand on the A-S-D-F keys and at least one finger of the right hand on the J-K-L-; keys while reaching for all the other keys. This makes half of the strokes involved in normal text generation awkward and some physiologically impossible. KeyRight’s  patented solution makes all keystrokes uniformly easy to reach (relative to the COLOR CODING of the QWERTY keyboard). Also, there is the possibility that the Home Keys Technique is a contributor to Repetitive Strain Injury due to the awkward key strokes and the faulty mind-mapping and accumulated stress from performance anxiety.
  3. Why learn the KeyRight Look & Learn™ Typing Solution when voice recognition is available?

    Voice recognition will soon be an important text input technology but will never totally replace the keyboard. This is common sense to a serious computer user. The keyboard and mouse are the most efficient devices for text editing and editing constitutes the highest use of the computer for general computer users.

  4. Why do we make the distinction between typing and keyboard skills?

    We consider that expert typing skills for copy typing and general computer users are about 60 or more words per minute. Touch typing is required for sustained fast accurate alpha-numeric text production whereas the average computer keyboard user typically does short bursts of discontinuous text entry in between thinking, editing and other computer tasks.

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