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Project  NO HARM
"Please help"
dots Our company philosophy embraces helping those less fortunate

KeyRight International has established, Project No Harm to raise awareness and money for World Visionís, Womenís International Loan Fund.*

This fund assists in breaking the poverty cycle and transforming womenís lives.

How can you help?
We are not asking for money.

Perhaps you have friends and associates who could benefit by using the Look & Learn Typing Solutionô.

If so, simply type their e-mail addresses in the boxes below and press "send". They will receive an email from you referring them to our website.

For each sale, we will donate $2.00 to this worthy charity.

Not only will you have helped to save and enrich the lives of the needy, but your friends and associates will improve their typing skills, as well.
Copyright 2006 World Vision Inc.All rights reserved.Used with permission.

And, you will also pass on to them the opportunity to spread awareness of this important charitable project.

Your involvement will make a difference and only take a few minutes.

Please help them now.

Jerome Whitcroft
KeyRight International
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Copyright 2006 World Vision Inc.All rights reserved.Used with permission.1-888-511-6548 http://www.worldvision.org

Privacy Policy
Confidentiality is assured as we will not know to whom the above e-mail is sent until that person buys our product. And, we respect your right to privacy: We do not rent, trade, sell, or swap customer information or e-mail addresses.

*World Visionís, Womenís International Loan Fund
Click here for information: http://www.worldvision.org/worldvision/appeals.nsf/wilfund_home

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