Look & Learn Keyboard
Learn to type the correct way.
You can type like a pro in just hours!

Color-coded keys:
Make it quick and easy for you to learn to type
Improve your typing speed and accuracy
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Would you like to increase your typing speed?

With the Look & Learn Typing Solution, you could improve your typing speed dramatically, simply by using the Keyright color-coded keyboard and FREE Look & Learn Typing Tutor.

Not convinced?

University trials showed that the Look & Learn Typing Solution is up to 192% more effective for learning to touch type than a regular keyboard.

Even without using the included software, the Look & Learn keyboard will naturally teach you to touch type. And using the software will teach you even FASTER! 6 hours, guaranteed!

See below for details on the KeyRight Look & Learn Typing Solution.

KeyRight Look & Learn Typing Solution


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